Fire alarm failure causes concern at east Columbus apartment tower


Battalion Chief Steve Martin with the Columbus Division of Fire said its not clear how long it'll take to get a fire alarm system to get fixed at the Latitude 525 apartments in east Columbus.

Martin said Friday, four off-duty Columbus fire fighters were called to monitor the building round-the-clock.

Martin said by 4 p.m. Saturday, members of a private security team had arrived to take over for the fire crews who'd been canvassing every part of the building every 15 minutes.

He added it's not clear what caused the alarm to fail.

He said the building management will pay first responders on hand.

David Feldner has lived at Latitude 525 for three years. He wondered what was going on Saturday when he got home from work and spotted fire fighters in the building.

"It's very disturbing, because it's another thing we were completely left in the dark about" Feldner said.

Members of company called Anchor Security and Logistics confirmed to ABC 6/FOX 28 that management had hired them to watch the building until the problem gets fixed.

Neighbors said its the latest in a list of concerns.

In early July, neighbors said there were issues with the air conditioning units, and last winter, problems with heating systems.

"They give us dates things will get fixed and nothing happens, so I honestly don't know" Feldner added.

Calls to Latitude 525's offices haven't been returned.

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