Flower farmers battle frost with ice

WSYX - 5-16 12-mike overnight freeze

A freeze warning for Monday morning prompted workers at Red Twig Farms to pull out blankets and turn on sprinklers overnight.

"It's good to see the sun out," Josh McCullough said. "This is our important time of the year for our crop."

McCullough and his dad, Karl, spent the night monitoring conditions at his family's New Albany farm, where the air temperature fell as low as 26 degrees, they said.

They were most concerned about their peonies crop, which was scheduled to be harvested as soon as next week.

Light-weight blankets protected some plants, but others were intentionally frozen.

"It blankets the bud," Karl explained. "It keeps the bud from going below 32 degrees, and that's key for us."

The McCulloughs said they didn't find any significant damage.

The family's flowers are sold at markets, including Whole Foods in Upper Arlington and Easton.

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