Group protesting Tamir Rice decision pushes to meet with Attorney General


The group "cbus2ferguson" marched through downtown Columbus and end up at the Rhodes Tower late Wednesday afternoon.

The group represents Tamir Rice's family and wants to meet face to face with Attorney General Mike Dewine.

"The system has allowed for his killers to walk free," Demarcus Scott, a representative with the group, said.

He says they did not get to meet with him, but have a promise that Dewine will schedule time with them in the next several weeks. The group is also calling for the firing of officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback. The Cleveland officers were involved in the shooting death of 12 -year-old Tamir Rice back in November 2014.

The group is also demanding the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor resign and is calling for a federal department of Justice investigation into the killing of Tamir Rice.

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