Capital students pushing for concealed carry on campus

A group of Capital University students is working to get the school to allow concealed carry on campus. (WSYX/WTTE)

Student members of the Young Americans for Liberty at a central Ohio university are taking their shot at getting concealed weapons on campus.

The group successfully lobbied the student government at Capital University to pass a bill demanding the administration allow concealed weapon permit-holders to carry their guns on campus.

Ohio law allows universities to set their own rules and prohibit guns on campus. But the Capital students got the bill passed Tuesday night. The president of student government vetoed the bill Wednesday morning. One student who helped spearhead the effort said she's not old enough to be a permit-holder, but would welcome guns on campus.

"I would feel more safe knowing that someone else around me is able to protect themselves," said Haley Whener, a junior from Saginaw, Michigan.

The university said the administration would always listen to student opinions, but a change in policy is unlilkely.

"This is a university who's position is that bringing weapons into a learning community is not going to make it safer," said spokeswoman Nichole Johnson.

Johnson points out that Capital has its own police force on duty around the clock and said that statistics show the campus is very safe.

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