Bruce Willis movie to film in central Ohio

The movie First Kill, starring Bruce Willis, will film in central Ohio. (WSYX/WTTE)

The director of Bruce Willis' newest movie has been tweeting out and scouting areas in Columbus and Granville looking for spots to shoot.

The new movie is called "First Kill."

Steven C. Miller and his crew spent Thursday at The Lazy River at Granville Campground.

"It's very exciting to potentially have a movie shot here, " says owner Mark Kasper.

He and his wife both own and run the campground. They say the crew looked at several different areas where they could shoot the film.

"They looked at a couple of our cabins, also possibly shooting in our woods." says Kathy Kasper.

Columbus has seen a few big names filming movies in Central Ohio.

Last December Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed "478" and then John Travolta spent several weeks filming 'I am Wrath.'

Director Miller tweeted " The city is beautiful and captures the heart of our story. Happy to be here."

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