State patrol academy throws 12th birthday party for Honorary Trooper

Honorary Trooper Brett Holbrook is trying to visit every Ohio State Highway Patrol post in Ohio. He even had some time at the commander's desk, including in Lancaster. (Courtesy Ohio State Highway Patrol Facebook)

Brett Holbrook was made an Honorary Trooper by the Ohio State Highway Patrol in April.

Friday, the academy threw him a surprise 12th birthday party, complete with cake, gifts and guests.

Brett, who lives with apraxia of speech, then had a goal. He told his mother he wanted to spend his summer visiting every state patrol post in Ohio. Childhood apraxia of speech causes people to have problems with sounds, words and syllables because the brain has problems planning to move the body parts needed for speech.

His mother is working to make his goal a reality. Brett and his mother have traveled more than 3,000 miles, but aren't quite finished.

Brett, who is from Michigan, first met a trooper when his father was pulled over. He was impressed by the trooper's professionalism and uniform. So, his mom made him his own uniform.

When his mother contacted the state patrol about his admiration for troopers, she shared that he has apraxia.

The tour started in April, when he visited the Bowling Green patrol post and was given an Honorary Trooper Commission and a ticket book. In Bowling Green, he got a tour of the post and a potluck to welcome him to the Patrol.

He was promoted to lieutenant on a visit to Delaware, then made a voyage across the state over the summer. The trip included some time at the commander's desks in Lancaster, Cincinnati Metro, Lima and Cleveland District.

The Zanesville Post gave him a replica patrol car. During the Cleveland swing of the tour, he was named an Honorary State Trooper of the Year at the Elyria Post.

The tour has included inspections, flag raising and setting up a DUI checkpoint near Springfield with other troopers.

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