Human trafficking survivor, advocate being remembered after her death

Human trafficking advocate

A woman who escaped the horrors of human trafficking to become an advocate is being remembered for the legacy she left behind.

Friends and those who work with Jennifer Kempton said she was found unresponsive Thursday morning and passed away. Kempton's purpose in life was finding freedom for victims of human trafficking: a mission that is now recognized nationwide.

"Jen saved a lot of our lives and she allowed us to take our bodies back," said Stephanie Rollins.

Kempton is the founder of Survivor's Ink, an organization that helps cover branding and tattoos on human trafficking survivors.

"I was covering up brands for survivors that were involved in sex trafficking," said Mike Prickett.

Kempton's accomplishments are known nationwide, several organizations are recognizing Kempton on Facebook for her accomplishments. Sherri Baisden credits Kempton for getting her out of human trafficking. Baisden is now sober with a job and lives inside her own place.

Stephanie Rollins said she'll never forget a bite mark that she said her rapist gave her. Rollins' bite mark is now covered with a lotus flower. She said Kempton suggested it.

"When it blooms it blooms as a beautiful flower on top of the water untouched. Jennifer said that's your soul and now so my flower came out and I've been shining ever since. It was the seed she planted in me," said Rollins.

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