Students gather for drug-free rally in downtown Columbus

    Organizers said 1,800 students from across Ohio registered for the "We Are the Majority" rally at Genoa Park on April 20.

    Roughly 1,800 students gathered in Columbus to show support for being drug-free and making other healthy lifestyle decisions.

    The annual "We Are the Majority" event was organized partly by teenagers affiliated with the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network.

    "My town is actually pretty small; so, when you see 20 kids doing something, you're like, 'everyone's doing it'," high school senior Andrew Colston said. "It's cool to meet other people, and talk to them about the issues in their counties and how they overcome it and stay positive."

    Data from the Ohio Youth-Risk Behavior Survey indicated most young adults are not involved with substance abuse or violence, Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network Director Harim Ellis Said. (You can read the full survey conducted in 2013.)

    The students gathered at Genoa Park and marched to the Ohio Statehouse at 12:00 p.m. to advocate for youth health.

    "I hope they realize that even though we're dressed like youth and just high school students we can actually make a difference in our state," Colston said.

    Organizers said students from more than 80 groups, mostly schools, attended the rally.

    For some people, April 20th has become known as "Weed Day," but organizers said the rally wasn't intentionally scheduled on the same day as a reaction to those events.

    You can find more information about "We Are the Majority" on the website for the Drug Free Action Alliance.

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