Immigrant out of Clintonville church, has two weeks to prepare case

Edith Espinal, here with her daughter, now has two weeks to prepare her case to remain in the United States. (WSYX/WTTE)

After a tense day, the woman who sought sanctuary in a Clintonville church is home.

But, it may not last.

Edith Espinal has two weeks to stay there, then she will need to present a case to stay. She was allowed to leave but required to wear an ankle bracelet.

"We wanted to be able to walk out with her today and they allowed us to do that," attorney Inna Simakovsky said.

The day didn't start with this much agreement.

Espinal was at the church before her meeting with federal immigration officials was to start. Supporters had urged Espinal to stay where she was. But, she wanted to come to the meeting to attempt to reach a resolution.

As she was headed to her meeting, supporters decided to board the elevator and go up with her. That's when a polite, but firm, Homeland Security police officer was very direct with Espinal's supporters. He told them he would appreciate if they would hit the button for the elevator and head back down, which they did.

She emerged roughly an hour later and now has two weeks to prepare a case to stay.

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