Kasich and Schwarzenegger throw back schnapps to celebrate redistricting plan

Kasich and Schwarzenegger throw back schnapps at Statehouse

It's not every day Governor John Kasich and Arnold Schwarzenegger take shots of liquor at the Statehouse.

Schwarzenegger is in Columbus for his annual bodybuilding competition but stopped by the Capitol to keep a promise.

State lawmakers in both the Republican and Democratic Party said it was a "heavy lift" for them to agree to a plan to redistrict the state. Critics of the current lines said it disproportionately favored Republicans.

"Why does this issue matter so much? Well because when you draw lines in such a way that only one party can win a district, it creates a polarizing effect," Kasich said. "This is really big time. This is the beginning of an effort to end all of this polarization."

Kasich's love for the "governator" is well known.

"He's just the best," he said. "He's just the greatest guy. I love to hang around him. I hope a little bit of that superpower at times rubs off on me."

Schwarzenegger gave Kasich a framed picture of when they first met. He held a fundraiser for Kasich when he was in Congress in the 1990's.

"Look how good we look," Kasich said as he saw the picture.

"And how good we still look," Schwarzenegger replied.

The former bodybuilding champion, movie star and governor of California said he'd be back to Columbus if lawmakers were able to sort out their redistricting problems.

"I'm going to come there to your Capitol with schnapps, with Austrian schnapps and we're going to celebrate this," he said.

As promised, Schwarzenegger took a shot with Kasich and the Democratic and Republican leaders of both the Ohio House and Senate.

Redistricting and ending partisan gerrymandering has been a pet issue for Schwarzenegger. He's weighed in on several state redistricting plans to stop politicians from picking their voters instead of allowing voters to pick their politicians.

A spokesman for Kasich said he'll be flying to California in late April. Kasich will meet again with Schwarzenegger and go to an event on reshaping the California Republican Party.

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