Law enforcement changing protocol to address dangers dealing with fentanyl

Law enforcement across Ohio are learning about safety protocol when dealing with fentanyl, and using new procedures in many cases (WSYX/WTTE)

Law enforcement officers across the state spent the day learning about the risks involved in handling fentanyl.

Officers talked about the safety practices need to protect themselves from the dangerous drug.

" We continue to see more cases of fentanyl, fentanyl related compounds and carfentanil in our crime lab, and the drug submissions by law-enforcement are increasingly more complex and deadly," Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said.

Safety experts are reminding first responders of the importance of using gloves, wearing a mask, and goggles. Good safety practices can save their lives

These safety practices are also being used in the crime lab. Forensic scientist are also taking extra precautions when handling these unknown substances.

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