Linden church fighting back against homelessness, drug abuse with construction project

Linden church fighting back against homelessness

There's construction going on to benefit the community inside Victory Deliverance Church on Myrtle Avenue in Linden.

The focus is on one room.

"This big project we have is called Queen Esther's Hall Community Center and it is a huge room that holds 200 people, we'll use it to feed the homeless," said Pastor Jonathan Sanders.

Pastor Sanders said Thursday that crews actually removed some church benches, so they could create the hall.

"We donated about 40 pews to other local ministries, to ministries as far as Buffalo, New York," he said, "they came and got them, these very expensive pews, very beautiful pews, but we saw that the area could be a better fit if we erected a community room."

He said it's soon to be complete with a kitchen area and more.

"There are a lot of people in this area that don't have anywhere to go," said Pastor Sanders.

The work has been, in honor of his mother, who's legacy was about getting out and helping out.

"We are a church that believes in not staying the four walls of the building, but taking it to the streets," he said.

The plan is to also house after-school programs, AA meetings and more in the space.

"Crime and prostitution and drug addiction have plagued this area for a long time, but I really believe there is still some good in the Linden area," said Pastor Sanders, "and with the help of everyone, other local churches, the police force, even citizens, I believe this area, this neighborhood can really come back up to be what it is destined to be,"

The goal is to have the space completed by winter.

If you are interested in helping out or learning more, visit the church's website or call 614-263-5191.

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