Local women head to Washington for women's march

    Columbus women are going to the women's march in the nation's capital this weekend for a number of reasons. (WSYX/WTTE)

    Thousands of people will be heading to Washington, not for Donald Trump's inauguration, but for a women's march the following day.

    "I was in the fence for a long time," said Nicki Bloch, who will be going on Saturday. "I wasn't quite sure what the March was going to achieve."

    She's going with several women with the National Council of Jewish Women.

    "I actually decided the day it was announced there was going to be a march (I was going to go)," said Lynne Garfinkel who will be going as well. "I felt strongly about being a part of it."

    Both women said they were concerned about Trump's proposed ban on Muslims. They're weary of anyone singling out a religious minority.

    Local media in Washington reported the city had received six times the number of permits for charter buses to drop people off at the National Mall for the women's march than for the inauguration itself.

    "The more I hear about the direction things are going in, the more I feel like a strong presence (is needed) just so that the country knows and the people who run the country try knows we're watching," Bloch said.

    Many women have said they're still bothered by some of Trump's comments about women during the election.

    "I'm really doing this for my 16-year-old daughter in the hopes that there is not a need for her, unfortunately I think there will be a need for her to follow in my footsteps and march herself," Garfinkel said.

    Both women said they expect the march to be peaceful.

    "I hope it won't be ugly," Bloch said. "I really wish that people could learn to compromise and learn to get along."

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