Man accused in Tuesday robbery, hostage situation has lengthy record

The suspect in a Tuesday bank robbery and hostage situation has a record that dates back to his early teen years. (WSYX/WTTE)

Police dispatchers got a 911 call from the Taco Bell on Dublin Granville Road on Tuesday afternoon. It was bank robbery suspect Julius Core who told police he was holding hostages inside the fast food restaurant.

Columbus Police took Core into custody and transported him to the hospital where they said Tuesday he was in stable condition after surgery. No new information has been released on Core's condition.

According to public records, Core, 18 , had been reporting to a Parole Officer after moving to Franklin County from the Dayton Area last year. Montgomery County Juvenile Court Records show Core had a lengthy history. A seven page document shows he had been in the system for criminal activity since he was 12 years old and charged with aggravated menacing. Core has been charged with domestic violence, assault, theft and robbery. In the past couple years he faced assault, resisting arrest and weapons charges.

Ebonie Patrick lives in the same building as the suspect. Patrick's 8-year-old son was frightened when he heard the shots.

"That is scary, that is a scary situation. Especially, he could have come over here and took hostages. Thank God he didn't," said Patrick. "Anyone that is bold enough to do things of that nature they obviously need some type of help. I don't know him personally but anyone that commits crimes like that , hold people hostage, they might need some help."

A construction worker at the complex where Core lived said he saw the bank robbery suspect jump out of a second story window. Ron Shoffner said he was scared to death.

"I didn't want to be shot. I come here to make a living," Shoffner said. "I told my buddy there's officers with guns out . So I came around the corner from between the buildings and that is when I seen him jump out of the window and run right straight at me."

Shoffner said the suspect put his finger to his lips to signal him not to let police know his location and then he ran toward the Taco Bell.

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