Man arrested in connection to aggravated robbery in Whitehall

Robert Mason is facing aggravated robbery charges for allegedly stealing money from a Whitehall bank on Sept. 26, 2018. (Courtesy: Whitehall Police)

A man was arrested in connection to an aggravated robbery at a Whitehall bank.

Robert Mason, 42, was arrested on Halloween after police say he was involved in a robbery the month prior.

Police said the aggravated robbery happened at the Huntington Bank on East Broad Street on Sept. 26.

Around 1:30 that afternoon, police said Mason jumped the counter and ordered the teller the ground. During the robbery, Mason allegedly hit two employees in the head with a handgun.

The tellers were able to include a dye pack with the money, per police. It exploded as police say Mason fled the scene.

Mason was charged on Nov. 6.

This is an extremely dangerous individual that returned to inflicting violent crime back on society four months after being released from prison for the same type of crimes,” stated Deputy Chief Dan Kelso, β€œAnd once again we see drugs, violence, and theft going hand in hand. All the detectives and agents involved did a great job hunting this individual down and bringing him to justice.”

Mason was just released from prison to parole in May. He could face more charges.

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