Man creates app to help neighbor and other developmentally disabled make friends

(Courtesy: CNN Newsource/KCAL/KCBS)

GRANADA HILLS, CA (WSYX/WTTE) -- For some with autism or other disabilities, it can be tough to make friends. So, a man took it upon himself to help his neighbor in such a situation.

According to KCAL/KCBS, Ben Raskin created an app called "Friendi", designed to help those with conditions such as autism and down syndrome find friendship. It's something his neighbor knows the struggles of all too well. Jared Seflridge, 22, has autism.

"I just wanted to put a great big banner over my house and say "needed: friends," Colleen Selfridge, Jared's mom, said referring to his struggles of finding friends as a child.

It's also set up for parents to be involved in the process.

It's currently in limited testing.

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