Man defrauds workers' compensation for a decade

A man deemed permanently and totally disabled was found cashing in on his state injury benefits, while also getting paid to work several other jobs.

Robert Campbell, Jr. was convicted of workers’ compensation fraud, ordered to pay $93,450 in restitution and given two years community control.

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation investigators found he scammed the system for at least a decade. Since an injury in 1984, Campbell’s been receiving some form of state injury benefits.

“We see this kind of activity quite often,” Special Agent in Charge Scott Lape said. “We investigate every single allegation we receive.”

An anonymous tip led investigators to research a lawn care business Campbell owned. Undercover video exposes Campbell using a blower with ease, strapping on a tank of weed killer and bending down time and time again to pick up yard waste.

Special Agent Lape said interviews exposed him also working at two other businesses while receiving injury benefits, which is illegal.

“If you’re committing fraud, we’re going to find you,” Lape said. “It hurts the claimants who truly need the benefit.”

This isn’t the only case. A former school bus driver was caught working as a limousine driver while receiving injured workers’ benefits.

Robert Willey pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay $80,000 in restitution.

If you know of an injured worker committing fraud, call the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation hotline at 1-800-644-6292 or visit and you can always remain anonymous.

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