Medical marijuana dispensary locations revealed, including 12 in Central Ohio

Medical marijuana dispensary

The State of Ohio revealed the list of medical marijuana dispensaries which will be allowed to open this fall. The Board of Pharmacy awarded 56 licenses for dispensaries across the state. Five of those dispensaries will be in Franklin County.

“Leading up to today there were a lot of nerves,” said Shawnta Hopkins-Greene who applied for a dispensary in Downtown Columbus. “There’s a lot of excitement.”

She was one of dozens of applicants who packed the Board of Pharmacy meeting Monday afternoon waiting to learn if they made the cut.

“We were probably within ten points of the winning application so that is disappointing,” she said.

Five of the dispensaries are located in Columbus at the following locations:

  • Greenleaf Apothecaries, LLC, 111 Vine Street
  • Cannamed Therapeutics LLC, 656 Grandview Avenue
  • 127 OH, LLC, 1361 Georgesville Road
  • Verdant Creations LLC, Cassady Avenue
  • Harvest of Ohio, LLC, 2950 N. High Street

You can get the full list here.

The Board of Pharmacy took the past six months to decide which applications would get the green light to sell medical marijuana. Applications had to meet certain guidelines like not being located within 500 feet of a church or school. Applicants also could not have a felony conviction for violent crimes, theft or drug charges.

“Finally getting that aside is really going to put to rest a lot of the questions around whether September 8th is realistic or not,” said Thomas Rosenberger with the National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio. “Everybody obviously wants it to move a little bit quicker than it did. Folks wanted to know months ago whether or not they got the licenses but I do think it’s important the State did take the time to make sure they got it right.”

The Department of Commerce was sued over how it handled awarding the cultivator licenses. Applicants like Hopkins-Greene said they still have doubts medical marijuana will be available for patients by the September 8th deadline.

“At this point it’s going to be nearly impossible unless some of these businesses just took that leap of faith and started building out prior to being awarded a license,” Hopkins-Greene said.

There were districts in the state where either no one applied for a dispensary or no one’s application qualified meaning some areas won’t have a dispensary nearby. More licenses could be awarded by the State if state officials decide there’s enough demand to warrant it.

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