Medical records mishap sends confidential information to Westerville woman

    A Westerville woman received multiple faxes from a hospital office with patients' personal medical information (WSYX/WTTE)<p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    Elizabeth Spilker might know more about you than you think. For about a year now, a local hospital has been faxing other people's personal medical records to her home.

    "We have been getting regular faxes over the last year or so from Grant Medical Center, with people's personal information attached," said Spilker.

    Asked what kind of information she was getting, Spilker replied "Name, weight, age, medical problem, history, list of medications. Pretty much anything you'd want to know."

    She said it's like someone puts the confidential documents on a fax machine and just walks away.

    "It's almost always at the end of the day, and it will continue to try and fax you and ringing your phone number until you do something- like unplug it and plug in the fax," Spilker said.

    Spilker says she has tried calling the number on the fax - Grant Medical Center Heart Disease Management Office - even the main desk at the hospital, to no avail. She even faxed back a note to that office, asking them to stop faxing her, but the problem papers kept coming.

    "I hope you can get Grant's attention so that maybe this will stop," she said.

    ABC 6 On Your Side reached out to Ohio Health, which released this statement:

    "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We conducted a thorough review and audit of our fax system logs and found that three faxes were sent to the individual in error due to a transposed fax number in one patient's medical record. The fax number has been corrected and we’re reaching out to the patient involved to make him or her aware. Ensuring the privacy of our patients is a top priority at OhioHealth and we apologize for this error."

    "If I wanted to I could do some real damage to this person with this information," said Spilker. "But I don't want to do that. I want to solve the problem."

    Spilker said she has shredded all of the confidential health faxes.

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