M&M's are Ohio's most popular Halloween candy

    America's Favorite Halloween Candy 2018 (Courtesy: CandyStore.com)<p>{/p}

    MM&M's are Ohio's most popular Halloween candy this year, according to Candy Store.

    It's expected that Ohio will consume 164,757 pounds of MM&M's this Halloween.

    Blow Pops, Ohio's most popular candy for 2017, came in at number two. Starburst ranks in at number three.

    Ohio's most popular Halloween candy for 2018:

    1. MM&M's
    2. Blow Pops
    3. Starburst

    After analyzing 11 years of data, Candy Store created their top Halloween candy by state map.

    While MM&M's takes the number one spot for Ohio, it's number two for the entire country. Candy Store reports that Skittles are America's most popular Halloween candy.

    Candy Store says it's expected that $2.6 Billion will be spent on trick-or-treat in 2018.

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