Monday's freeze was one for the record books

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You know the saying, "plant annual flowers after Mother's Day". The thought is any new flowers will be just fine because our average freeze for Columbus is April 19. But now, there's May 16, 2016.

Under a freeze warning, central Ohio dropped to and below 32 degrees. This ties the record for latest freeze ever (1959).

News of the freeze warnings yesterday sent garden centers and horticulturalists scrambling to cover up precious plants. Macy Reichley of Springdale Garden Center in Chillicothe says they had to bring in a lot of plants that would die in the freezing temperatures like herbs and water plants. A hard freeze can deliver a hard blow to their profits.

In New Albany, Josh McCullough blanketed the peonies at Red Twig Farms. The flowers are supposed to be harvested next week. He lost a lot of sleep but only a few flowers.

"I see a couple of them here kind of flopped over. This one here looks like it had too much weight on it, so it snapped. So, that's probably gone," said McCullough.

The earliest freeze on record is in September, so hopefully freezing temperatures will hold off until then.

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