More people coming forward in mail theft case

More people who say they had checks stolen from central Ohio drop boxes have come forward after indictments were filed in the case. (WSYX/WTTE)

More victims who say their checks were stolen out of the U.S. Mail and cashed say they have yet to be contacted in a suspected theft ring that agents are calling the biggest in the region in decades.

Thirteen people, including four postal workers in Columbus, are listed as defendants in a federal indictment which came down this week.

The US postal workers are accused to obtaining keys to drop boxes throughout Franklin County. The indictment indicates mail was stolen from the boxes and nearly 30 checks were altered and cashed, which led to a $150,000 loss.

Nearly a dozen people reported their checks stolen from the same from box in Dublin, including a civil litigator which specializes in check fraud.

Attorney Troy Doucet said someone stole his mailed check in April made out to the City of Dublin. Doucet made it out for more than $300 to pay his city taxes. Soon after, $10,000 was taken out of his business account after someone had washed the check, altered the amount and made it out to someone other than the tax department.

Doucet was told then about the suspected theft ring, but has not has not been included in the federal indictment.

However, he wants all victims of this scam to know they're entitled to get their money back under state law as his $10,000 was returned right away.

"It's the bank that bares the loss because they're the ones with the systems to avoid it," Doucet said.

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