More than 100 employees arrested in ICE raid in northeast Ohio

Fresh Mark raid

More than 100 workers were arrested in northeast Ohio Tuesday during an ICE raid.

According to WEWS, as many as 100 agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Customs and Boarder Protection and the US Border Patrol arrived at four different facilities operated by Fresh Mark.

Steve Francis, who is a special agent in charge of ICE's Homeland Security Investigation Unit, said the raid which was conducted with no prior notice to the business, was the largest workplace enforcement action to take place under the Trump administration.


ICE agents arrived at the facilities with criminal and federal warrants to collect documents on more than 200 employees. The warrants were severed at Fresh Mark facilities in Salem, Massillon and Canton, Ohio.

Officials said the number of workers arrested is likely to climb once their operation is completed. The workers who were arrested were employed at the business location in Salem.

An official with ICE said most of the workers arrested were from Guatemala.

They're accused of using stolen or fraudulent identification.

Officials said Tuesday's raid was the largest of its kind to happen at a workplace under the Trump administration.

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