Mother speaks out after autistic son dragged by school employees

Corbin Kemle, a 7-year-old autistic student at Crestline Elementary, was dragged by teachers through a hallway late last school year. (WSYX/WTTE)

A mother is speaking out after she viewed school surveillance video of her autistic son being dragged by a teacher and aide.

The incident happened in May at the end of the school year at Crestline Elementary.

The footage became public this week after Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crull decided against pursuing felony charges.

Seven-year-old Corbin Kemle's mom, Bonnie Kemle McKean, said in her eyes what happened is abuse.

"I don't think anybody would want that to happen to even a pet, let alone your child or a special needs child. I was shocked I didn't think I could have dreamt it could have been that bad," said McKean.

McKean said she thinks the women should at least face misdemeanor charges. The Village Solicitor is expected to review the case now. According to the superintendent, the Ohio Department of Education is looking into the incident.

Crestline Police also reviewed the footage.

District Superintendent Noreen Mullens said the behavior seen in the video was dangerous.

"Seeing one adult or two adults doing something we don't condone or feel is appropriate is very shocking. If you hit frustration what can you do instead? Or what are some better actions to take if you can't remove yourself from the situation at the time," said Mullens.

McKean said she wants to be an advocate for her son and for other special needs children.

"I can't believe this is happening so often. People need training. They need to mind their temper. It is important to be vigilant . Have a voice for the kids that really don't have a voice," McKean said.

The superintendent said Corbin is a joy and likes school. He will transfer this year to a different school that specializes in instruction for special needs children.

Mullens says the only person injured in the scuffle was the teacher's aide, who got a black eye. The teacher and aide are on paid leave right now. Corbin's mom said she plans to go to the local school board meeting next week to ask that the two be fired.

"Obviously they didn't try to calm him down there is no evidence of that anywhere. I think they were just frustrated and had enough that day and they were just done. I think they lost their temper," said McKean.

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