Motorcycle Clubs join together to continue Thanksgiving Thunder tradition, feed homeless


    Thanksgiving Thunder rolled through Columbus to the Faith Mission on a special mission to serve those in need.

    Members of several motorcycle clubs got together to give folks with nowhere to go a homemade Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. For nearly a decade, the Saddle Tramp Motorcycle Bike Club has taken over Faith Mission's kitchen with the help of other city clubs, filling plates with turkey, stuffing, and lots of pie.

    "A lot of people who come in, they don't have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, they haev to go back on the street, it makes us thankful for what we have," said Yvette Hzdezire of the Saddle Tramp Motorcycle Club.

    Thanksgiving is a bittersweet holiday for many of the bikers. Six years ago Saddle Tramp Club member Donna Evans was killed in a motorcycle accident as she was on her way to serve at the mission. "When this comes around, it gets harder, it gets heavy. It gives us strength, she loved doing it."

    It's a holiday tradition the bikers say will roll on for years to come. But the giving is not over. Once the food and dishes are put away they start collecting toys to give kids for Christmas.

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