Neighbors looking for opinions, discussing future of east side, Eastland Mall

    Over the years Eastland Mall has lost some anchor stores, but despite those losses the mall remains open, and that makes some neighbors happy. (WSYX/WTTE)

    McQuetta Williams wants to see development on the east side of Columbus.

    "I love this area, my daughter lives here, my grandchildren, so I would like to see it grow," said Williams who runs the non-profit EnVision Proven Success.

    Williams has been busy trying to get neighbors, community leaders and more to talk about the Eastland Mall.

    "Our seniors over there are needing somewhere to shop, we have our homeowners around here, we have the new developments that people are building homes up, so if you are building homes we don't want to build an eyesore or anything," said Williams.

    Despite losing some anchor stores in past years, the mall has remained open, and that's how some neighbors really want it to stay.

    "There are a lot of unique boutique stores inside the mall," said Quay Barnes, the President of the Mideast Area Community Collaborative, "there are schools now, there's a church coming."

    Barnes heads the collaborative, and she and Williams met up to talk at the Social Club Wednesday.

    She said years ago, neighborhood groups and more sent ideas to the City about the mall and the neighborhood, and now she said, they are starting that process again.

    "We've had some concerns about Eastland Mall," she said, "we'd like to go back to that plan, to discuss ways of improving it and developing it."

    Her hope is that a potential next step is out of the box.

    "Maybe it would be multi-use, or there could be something unique and distinctive about Eastland Mall," said Barnes, "we are looking at it as an area to serve all of our community, which has become kind of diverse and multi-cultural."

    ABC6/FOX28 did reach out to the mall's management company about all of this and for any comment, but haven't heard back.

    The ladies said they are planning meetings in the near future.

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