School canceled classes due to spray-painted threat after parents relayed concern


Madison-Plains in London became the latest school to be closed because of a threat this school year.

It was a deserted campus Monday after a school threat that was received Thursday of last week. The spray-painted threat that mentioned Monday was found on a girl's bathroom wall at the high school.

The district told parents about it last week and had class as usual on Friday. The school originally planned to have class Monday as well, but Superintendent Tim Dettwiller said parents' concerns forced him to change his mind. Dettwiller said the Madison County sheriff started an investigation, and deputies will be on campus Tuesday.

At this point, Dettwiller said it doesn't look like a credible threat, but as every school would say, every one of these must be taken seriously.

There was an important test scheduled for this week so Dettwiller says this is highly disruptive.

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