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New wrongful death lawsuit filed against Mount Carmel doctor

 44-year-old Troy Allison and wife Kristine Allison. (Courtesy: Attorney Craig Tuttle){p}{/p}
44-year-old Troy Allison and wife Kristine Allison. (Courtesy: Attorney Craig Tuttle)

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An attorney says an additional wrongful death lawsuit has been filed alleging an Ohio doctor and the hospital where he worked caused a patient's death by improperly prescribing a lethal dose of pain medication.

The complaint is at least the third filed against Dr. William Husel this week as allegations emerged over improper dosing.

Columbus-area Mount Carmel Health System says the intensive care doctor ordered pain medicine for at least 27 patients in dosages significantly bigger than necessary to provide comfort for them after their families asked that lifesaving measures be stopped.

The new lawsuit says a "grossly inappropriate dose" of pain medication led to the July 15 death of 44-year-old Troy Allison.

Attorney Craig Tuttle confirmed Wednesday's filing.

In the latest suit, it claims 44-year-old Troy Allison was given a grossly inappropriate dose of morphine, killing him.

This lawsuit is against the hospital, Dr. William Husel and two others, the so far unnamed or unknown pharmacist who prescribed the dose and the nurse who administered the morphine.

Attorney Craig Tuttle said via email that EMS took Allison to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath.

The attorney said he was alert, awake and speaking with his wife.

He then said hours later on July 15, 2018, Allison was dead after getting what the hospital allegedly told his wife was a fatal dose of morphine.

We are told Allison was apparently septic, which was causing heart issues. They claim Allison was never given the time to attempt to treat the infection.

Tonight, another family said they may be filling suit soon.

They said Thelma Kyer was 83-years-old and under the care of Dr. Husel when she died.

Mt. Carmel's CEO and President said in a video statement they are doing everything they can to understand how this happened and stop it from happening again.

"These include a new escalation policy for increases in pain medication dosing and a new approval process for pain medication at high doses during similar situations," said Mount Carmel Health System CEO and President Ed Lamb.

ABC6/FOX28 has reached out to the hospital for an on-camera interview, but they said the video statement will stand as their formal response.

Lamb also said in that video statement that "We will learn from this, and we will do better because our patients and their families deserve our very best.”

ABC6/FOX28 has reached out to the attorney representing Dr. Husel but have not heard back.

A law firm representing Husel is declining comment, according to the Associated Press.


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