No charges after dog mauls, kills one-month-old in Knox County

The prosecutor's office says they won't be filing charges in the case of a one-month-old that was attacked and killed by a family dog (WSYX/WTTE)

Prosecutors say they're not filing charges in the case of baby that was killed by a family dog.

The little boy's father called 911 early morning September 20th to report the attack. He told police his one-month-old was inside his bassinet when he was attacked by one of their dogs. The prosecutor's office says the death was "just a horrible accident."

In a statement, Knox County Prosecutor Chip McConville said "I have determined that the facts of this tragic event do not support criminal charges. Based upon the autopsy results, there is no reason to believe that this child’s death was caused by anything other than a dog attack, and there is absolutely no reason to believe that the boy’s father intended for his child to come to any harm.”

The coroner confirmed the boy was killed by severe trauma to his head caused by a dog. She also said the baby was healthy and well taken care of at the time of his death.

McConville says they did look into child endangerment, but the evidence doesn't support a charge, because the boy's father would have had to know the dogs had a history of biting or aggressive behavior that could be a risk to his child, but there was no history of either.

Both dogs, described as pitbulls or pitbull mix, were euthanized after the incident.

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