Officer who stopped terror attack at Ohio State speaks about his response

OSU Officer Alan Horujko stopped a terror attack at Ohio State when he shot and killed the attacker. (Ohio State University)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - Nearly a year after a violent attack on the campus of Ohio State University, we're hearing for the first time from the officer who stopped it.

OSU Officer Alan Horujko shot and killed 18-year-old Abdul Artan after responding to the scene. Artan drove a car into a crowd of students then, when a barrier stopped him, jumped out and began attacking people with a knife. A total of 13 people were hurt.

Horujko hasn't given any interviews since that day, but he sat down with Ohio State officials for an interview, which was released Monday afternoon.

In the interview, Horujko describes what happened when he responded to the call, and how it's changed him.

In the interview, Horujko says he recalls it was a slow day on campus, with students returning to classes after the holiday weekend. He says he was about to go get coffee after finishing a report when he heard a call about a gas leak and offered to go help with traffic control near the building before the attack.

"I remember sitting there for a while, I was just sitting out there with the beacons on to my car ... I see a car continue on, go up a curb, strike a bunch more people and then eventually stop in the middle of that courtyard area," said Horujko. "At the time, I just thought it was a medical emergency, just an accident."

After calling for ambulances, Horujko positioned his car to stop more traffic and then ran up to the vehicle.

"I noticed that the driver side door was open, which was kind of weird, and there was nobody inside ... at that point in time was when I heard, like, a secondary wave of screams," Horujko recalled. "The senses went off that something wasn't right. I drew my gun and asked what was going on and somebody said, 'He's got a machete.'"

"I yelled after him multiple times, 'Drop the knife, drop the knife, drop the knife,' but he never looked back, never acknowledged me."

Horujko said Artan was still chasing people at that point, slashing wildly, as he continued to chase him and get closer.

Since the attack, Officer Horujko has received a number of honors, including a proclamation from Ohio lawmakers earlier this year.

Along with the interview, Ohio State released photos, videos and documents from the response and investigation of the attack.

This story is developing and will be updated.

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