Ohio becomes 6th in nation for wine production by gallon

Ohio wine

When you think of the top winemaking states, places like California and Washington probably come to mind. What you might not have guessed is that Ohio is not far behind those places.

Soine Vineyards in Powell is part of a growing list of wineries in the state. “We grow ten different varieties of grapes. Out of those varieties, we make 12 wines,” says owner Eric Sainey.

The Buckeye state is now number six on the list of top wine producing states, making nearly 6 million gallons in 2017. Today the states best enologists and viticulturists- people who study winemaking and grape growing- got together at the 45th Annual Wine and Grape Conference to talk about how Ohio can keep that number rising. “We’re starting to see Ohio wines really doing a great job at getting some national recognition, national awards,” says OSU enology program manager Todd Steiner.

Steiner says that of the biggest challenges is simply getting the word out that Ohio’s 280 cool climate wineries make great tasting wine. “I think as we’re increasing the locavore type movement, people searching for more Ohio grown, Ohio made wines I’d like to keep that momentum going.”

For local providers like Soine, some of their biggest obstacles are fighting disease, weeds, and the weather. Wine scientists and Lori diced alike hope that with more education and some trial and error Ohio will one day become a wine destination as well known as the west coast. “Taking a product from the vineyard and then putting it into a bottle and putting it in a glass and watching that person that you serve it to enjoy that glass of wine is really satisfying,” adds Sainey.

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