On Your Side: Customers worried about sky high heating bills

Viewers reached out to ABC 6/FOX 28 with complaints about what some call sky high power bills. (WSYX/WTTE)

Viewers reached out to ABC 6/FOX 28 with complaints about what some call sky high power bills.

"This has me up at night," said Belinda Cormack who lives in Darbydale near Grove City, "I have no idea how we are going to do this."

Belinda Cormack reached out to ABC6/FOX28 looking for answers about her heating bill.

"This is a brand new furnace," she said, "an electric furnace."

Her family just remodeled a unit.

She said they are used to paying around $350 or so in the winter, in the same trailer complex.

"We had it at 65, between 60, 65 degrees when we weren't going to be here, when we were under construction," she said, "and the bill was $584 at let's say 65 degrees."

She isn't sure how the family will cope.

"Something has to be done," said Cormack, "people can't live with bills like that."

AEP said in many cases, those long stretches of colder than normal temperatures are behind that.

They said some heating systems may have been working overtime to heat the house to the temperature some are used to during the extreme cold.

They told ABC6/FOX28 that depending on whether someone has gas or electric there can be a spike thanks to the cold.

AEP also said in some cases supplemental heating systems may have kicked in for some families, impacting bills.

"Our November bill was $200, $208.20 and then the next bill was $777.96," said Hollie Upperman who lives in Lancaster.

It was a cold weather complaint heard in Lancaster.

"What do you do?" she said, "It is like we will have to set up a payment plan or something."

Across town , some said they are glad to be on a budgeting plan.

"We don't make that kind of money to pay $900 on one bill," said Jennifer Goble who also lives in Lancaster, "I mean, that is like a house payment, so yeah, I was just like it would have come down to electric bill or food."

The big take away from AEP, if you have any concerns or questions about your bill, call the help center at 1-800-672-2231.

They have different assistance options for customers, like payment arrangements or weatherization services for families.

For that information you can visit, their website.

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