Case file reveals new information about Ohio State campus attack

Documents, pictures and videos released by police outline the nightmare that unfolded last fall at The Ohio State University. (WSYX/WTTE)

Documents, pictures and videos released by police outline the nightmare that unfolded last fall at The Ohio State University.

There are 534 pages of documents alone on top of hours of videos and audio recordings.

The case file illustrates Ohio State's darkest day last November 28th, 2016, when a Somali-born student went on a rampage.

Thirteen people ended up hurt and Abdul Artan was shot dead.

Some two hours before the attack at Ohio State, Artan was captured on surveillance at the Georgesville Walmart buying a cucumber, tomato and knife set.

The silver Honda Civic he was driving was later spotted on the OSU campus. It was the beginning of a nightmare for students and faculty.

"A car just went barreling through and hit a police officer and I don't know how many other people," said a 911 caller.

OSU police officer Alan Horujko had been close by helping with a building evacuation after a leak in a lab at Watts Hall.

Minutes later, Officer Horujko called for backup on W. 19th Avenue when he called on the radio officer in trouble.

"So, when I arrived here my initial thought was maybe this was some sort of medical accident, you know just some sort of terrible car crash. When I moved up to here, I saw his driver side door open. No one else [was] inside the vehicle. There was a second wave of people, you know, screaming, and panicking. I asked 'what was going on?' and someone said 'he's got a machete' and I asked 'where did he go?' and someone else, could've been the same person yelled 'that way,' and pointed down 19th," said Officer Horujko in a statement.

Records show, Artan ran the car into a crowd then a planter, got out and started slashing at people with a knife.

Dramatic body cam video shows officers with guns drawn in a room-to-room search in campus buildings.

"You alright? Anyone else in here with you? No? Okay," said an officer in one body cam video.

Some were also consoling students.

"You guys okay? Shaken up?"

Officer Horujko had shot and killed Artan.

Police recovered a large knife Horujko said was the attack weapon near Artan's body.

The officer's statement reads in part:

I believed the suspect was going to attack me with the knife and I was in fear of my life. I shouted "drop it, drop it," but he continued moving directly toward me and when he was approximately 20-25 feet away, I fired my gun at him. The suspect did not seem to react to my first two shots, except that he twisted his body slightly to the right as he raised the knife higher. As the suspect continued coming at me, I continued firing my gun and the suspect fell forward.

"There's a shooting. A guy just ran a car through a crowd of people," said one 911 caller.

Artan left behind a torn-up note found tossed in his bedroom trash can in which he urged his family to stop being "moderate" Muslims.

A grand jury cleared Officer Horujko in the shooting death of the suspect.

According to records, Artan left his job early at Home Depot the day before the attack saying he was tired, which a co-worker claimed was unusual for him to do.

Artan told the co-worker several times that fall he was disgruntled with school and wanted to drop out.

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