OSU knife attacker left handwritten, ripped up note behind in home

The note Abdul Artan wrote, then ripped up before his attack on the Ohio State campus. (Courtesy Ohio State Police)

The Columbus teenager, who police say was responsible for wounding 13 people in a car and knife attack on The Ohio State University campus in November, left behind a ripped up letter, that asked his family to stop being moderate Muslims, and said he refused to sit in luxury, while his brothers and sisters are being oppressed.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, was shot to death by an Ohio State Police officer, moments after witnesses say he drove into a crowd of people on campus and wounded several others with a knife.

"He was an honor student at Columbus State, went to Ohio State, everyone thought he was nice and polite, said Bob Fitrakis, the attorney representing Artan's family.

Investigators found the letter torn into pieces and thrown into a trash can in Artan's bedroom. Authorities then re-assembled the pieces of the handwritten note, which reveals Artan left all of his property to his "beloved but yet moderate mother."

"It's really hard for them to comprehend," said Bob Fitrakis, the attorney representing Artan's family, "because they are moderate and they were happy to be in the United States and happy to be here."

"Family members have said they did not know about Artan's radical religious beliefs until after his death, despite a trail of threatening messages he had posted on social medial.

On Facebook, shortly before the OSU attack, Artan wrote:

"If you want us Muslims to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks, then make peace we will not sleep until you give peace to Muslims."

Fitrakis says shortly after the attacks, Artan's family who has been cooperating with law enforcement, since the attacks, moved to Central Ohio after receiving a series of death threats.

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