OSU professor and attack victim: I'd hug that officer if he were here

OSU professor and campus attack victim, Dr. William Clark (WSYX/WTTE)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- One of the victims of Monday's attack on the campus of Ohio State University refused to pass judgement on the man behind the wheel of a car who sent it over the curb and then got out to stab people.

Dr. William Clark was hit by the car and suffered injuries, but said he wants to wait and hear more about the driver, Abdul Artan.

"Before I pass judgement on this young man, I would like to see exactly what the circumstances are and exactly why he took the course of action he chose to," said Clark.

Clark has been a professor for more than 35 years. He called yesterday's episode sad and especially the tragic given the fact that universities and college campuses should be safe places for young people.

Clark was tossed into the air by Artan's car. He suffered deep cuts on his legs, but walked into a press conference today without assistance or crutches.

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