OSU students step up safety efforts off campus after report of attack

It was a busy day in off-campus neighborhoods in the University District. In the wake of violent crimes in the area, Ohio State students who live on Frambes Avenue spent the day talking to their neighbors about safety.

"It is just a lot of people's first times living without their parents and off-campus on their own, so they just want to know what they need to do to have a safe living environment," says Senior Emily Manchick.

Friday, like other days this semester, student ambassadors set up a booth, encouraging their peers to stop by the Student Union to pick up free safety gear. They even conducted a safety survey.

Manchick, a campus ambassador also knocks on doors on Frambes and Woodruff Avenues. "Getting their opinions on things," says Manchick.

Break-ins are a problem for many who live off-campus. So the volunteers even demonstrated how to use door alarms that deter burglars.

It was a tool many showed interest in. One senior who stopped by, says her home and car have been broken into multiple times in the over two years she has lived in the neighborhood.

"There is clearly a problem," says Senior Amanda Bianco.

She talked safety with her neighbors, and told us about her hopes for off-campus living.

"I'd like to see people able to go upstairs in their own houses and leave their downstairs unlocked," she says, "like not worried that somebody is just going to like walk in."

The students will continue to set up booths and host more events throughout the semester.

Students can pick up the free safety gear like door and window alarms at the Off Campus and Commuter Student Services Office in the Ohio Union.

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