Owner of nearly 3 dozen properties called Bucyrus' "most wanted criminal


The most wanted criminal in Bucyrus isn't a murderer or a rapist, instead police are looking for a landlord who has 32 properties, many of which are in disrepair and in arrears for back taxes. The city issued two summons to Randy Strauch, with whom they have been in disputes about his properties for decades.

The summons were issued for two properties on Rogers Street that are eyesores in what is generally a well-kept neighborhood.

"It reflects on the neighborhood," said Linn Waring, who has lived here for 25 years and has seen little change in the two houses.

"Bucyrus has a long history with these properties and trying to bring them into compliance," said John Rostash, zoning inspector. Rostash said the two summons could turn into arrest warrants.

Owner Strauch has addresses in Findlay and Florida and the city has had difficulty reaching him. Strauch was an elected official at one time. He was Crawford County engineer in the late 1970s.

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