Owner speaks after teen caught flipping off camera, damaging equipment in photos

teen caught flipping off camera

Columbus Police detectives are working to identify a person accused of trespassing and damaging property in northeast Columbus in August.

Police said the person who appears to be a teen entered the property at 3600 Johnny Appleseed Court, off Dublin Granville Road, around 7 p.m. August 8th.

"I thought this is a severe problem that a kid could flip off the camera like that and think he is cute," said property owner Walt Reiner.

The photo shared by Columbus Police on Facebook of the vandal have fired people up.

"Cost this firm a tremendous amount of money, and slows down this project which is to benefit the citizens of Columbus," said Reiner.

Reiner has been renting the land in northeast Columbus off of Johnny Appleseed Court to a concrete company.

That team has been working to restore the sewer system in the area.

But, they said there has been a major obstacle now, for months.

"These go to the airbrakes, this goes to all the lights, emergency flashers and all on the trailer, and not only were they cut here, they were also cut underneath," said Darrell McCravey, the Project Manager for Proshot Concrete.

He showed ABC6/FOX28 the damage, multiple wires cut on equipment and more.

"They are actually having to crawl into the machines to cut the wires behind the control panels and so I have to crawl into the machines and put all the wiring back," he said.

He said workers could have been hurt.

"It is just like being kicked when you're down, you are up against a tough job with all the rain we had this summer," said McCravy.

It has turned into a pricey problem.

"It cuts down a whole day of production which to us could be up to a quarter of a million of work for that day," he said.

Finally, cameras on the property captured the images shared by Columbus Police from August 8.

As police investigate, the team had a strong message for the person caught in the images and anyone else who may have been with him.

"You are provided an opportunity in life and you have to do things to make yourself a need for society, instead of an obstacle to get around," he said.

Anyone with information on this teen's identity is asked to contact Det. Gureck in CPD's Burglary Unit at (614) 645-2157 or tgureck@columbuspolice.org.

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