Park Street Patio, Saloon and the Social Room to close as part of redevelopment

Park Street Patio, Park Street Saloon and the Social Room will close its doors on December 2nd. (WSYX/WTTE)

The countdown is officially underway. After this weekend a major part of the “Park Street” nightlife scene will be no more. Three popular hot spots are closing up shop as the area gets set for a major transformation.

Managers of the Park Street Patio, Park Street Saloon and the Social Room call it the price of progress. Pretty soon this area will look completely different.

All three bars have helped to make the area of the Arena District one of the city’s hot spots. Following events Saturday night, December 2nd they will be no more.

“It really hasn’t hit me, cause I’ve put so much work into this place and just been here so long and met great people. I can’t really think about it,” said operations manager Ken Alvarado.

Managers telling us new developments will be transforming this strip.

“The landscape of downtown Columbus is going to change quite a bit. It may be difficult to get down Park street for the next 18 months or so based on all the construction that’s going to be happening down here,” said Park Street Complex general manager Aaron Johnson.

Plans for the changes unveiled several years ago include a hotel and office development.

“I think overall it’s exciting, because Columbus is growing so fast. They need places like this, but also places like hotels. Businesses can do really well down here,” said Johnson.

Fans of the area hot spots are a bit disappointed with the news. Owners of the establishments are holding nightly celebrations as a “thank you” to customers. At this point, there are no plans are in place to move the venues to another location.

Changes are expected to get underway soon. Construction at the site expected to start in just a few weeks.

NOTE: The owners of the Park Street Tavern wanted to make it clear that they won't be a part of the redevelopment, and will remain open.

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