Pike County investigators search two properties for 77-year-old woman

Deputies said 77-year-old Beatrice Hayslip hasn't been since a medical procedure in the summer of 2016 and now they wonder if she might be a murder victim. (Courtesy: Pike County Sheriff's Office)

Pike County Sheriff deputies say 77-year-old Bernice Hayslip came to Pike County to stay with loved ones after a medical procedure in the summer of 2016.

Deputies said Hayslip hasn't been since and now they wonder if she might be a murder victim.

The Pike County Sheriff's Office began their search for the retired Adams County school bus driver after getting a tip from authorities after a traffic stop in Highland County.

"The suspect began talking about a possible missing person, and that's when we got involved," said Deputy William Stansbury of the Pike County Sheriff's Office.

Stansbury said cadaver dogs detected something Tuesday night on a Property along Lapperell Road. He said the property is owned by a person of interest in the Hayslip's case.

The county coroner was called to that location around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Investigators had also been looking at a property on Hackelshin Road for additional evidence.

Deputies said even though Hayslip was missing, someone continued to collect her retirement and social security checks.

Hayslip's daughter, 44-year old Tracy Sowards, was arrested on misuse of stolen credit cards, and will be in court on Tuesday, according to deputies. Detectives are also speaking with a man in connection to the case.

No other charges had been filed.

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