Police: Chop shop & marijuana operation found after report of suspicious people at home

A house in Clinton Estates was boarded up as a suspected drug house after police say they found a chop shop and marijuana grow operation (Courtesy: Columbus City Attorney's Office)

Columbus Police say a call from homeowners about suspicious people led them to a criminal enterprise.

Officers say a couple spotted people on their porch on their security camera system, so they called police. After meeting police at the home, officers say they were asked to check things out and make sure no one was inside.

That's when they say they found the couple's criminal activities, which included a motorcycle chop shop in the garage, a marijuana grow operation in the basement, and drugs like cocaine and heroin in other parts of the house.

The home is in the Clinton Estates neighborhood in north Columbus.

The city attorney called the house a suspected drug house, ordering it to be boarded up. One of the homeowners, Charles Mitchell, is facing drug possession charges. Authorities say a woman at the home is also expected to be indicted.

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