Police investigating after boy shoots his brother

Police investigating after boy shoots his brother

It was a scary scene inside a home along Dana Avenue in Franklinton after police say a boy shot his 11-year-old brother.

In the 911 call, a brother on the other line could be heard explaining to dispatchers that his brother had just been shot.

The brother told dispatchers that he didn't know what happened because he was upstairs in a room.

But when police got to the scene they realized the 11-year-old boy had been shot after his brother was showing off a loaded gun he found in an alley.

If it wasn't for a gun being in the alley, the whole incident probably wouldn't have happened.

Gun experts say accidental shootings happened all the time.

"Kids frequently get a hold of guns who typically don't hear about it until it's an injury or somebody's been seriously hurt," said Claire Marven who is the President of Aimhi

Marven doesn't just sell guns, he also teachers about safety.

"We are very involved in teaching parents. One of the things that we always tell parents that take classes is you need to pay attention to gun safety, you need to teach your children don't touch the gun," said Marven.

Marven says it only takes a few hours for parents and kids to know what can possible save a life.

"Take the mystery out of it so when they see a gun they won't be tempted to play with it," said Marven.

Marven says parents should teach their kids to also tell an adult where the gun is while they stay far away from it.

The Columbus of Division of Police say the case is still under investigation. Police wouldn't release any information on who they think the gun belonged to, or why they think it was out in the open in an alley way.

The 11-year-old boy was shot in the leg and is expected to be okay.

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