11 arrested, 45 dogs seized during raids for dog fighting

Dog taken from a home on Clarendon Avenue after a police raid (WSYX/WTTE)

Latest Updates:

The names of four suspects arrested during dog fighting raids were released Wednesday morning. Court files show Henry Hill Jr. (20), Anthony McGuffie (23), Dwayne Robinson (33), and Randall Frye (57) were all charged with dog fighting.

The judge set bond at $40,000 for all four suspects.

There is a scheduled hearing set for next week for all 45 dogs that were recovered on Tuesday.

The Capital Area Humane Society is requesting all owners of all the dogs to surrender their rights to the animals.

CAHS said none of the dogs have been euthanized. They hope to have complete evaluations completed for all of them in the next few weeks.

The humane society estimates it'll cost approximately $150,000 to take care of the dogs.

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Earlier Reporting

Raids at five different properties led to the arrest of 11 people as part of a dog fighting investigation. Columbus Police also say 45 dogs were taken from the different properties.

Columbus Police and Franklin County Deputies raided four homes in the Hilltop-area and another home in far east Columbus Tuesday morning. The homes are on Clarendon Avenue, South Hague Avenue, and South Wayne Avenue. The fifth home is on Breezedale Place in far east Columbus.

Sergeant Rich Weiner says the investigation was started after an earlier investigation by the Capital Area Humane Society. He says Humane Society investigators found 15 dogs during their initial investigation, and then went to police as the case continued to grow.

At least 20 dogs were taken from one home on Clarendon Avenue. Investigators say most dogs at that location appeared to be healthy, but dogs at other locations appeared to be in bad condition.

Police say guns, cash, and drugs were also found as investigators searched the properties.

Investigators say they found blood inside the Breezedale Place home that appeared to be from dog fighting. Police say three children at the Breezedale Place home were taken into custody of Children's Services due to conditions inside the home.

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