Driver cited after getting truck stuck under bridge over bike path

    Truck stuck under bridge on Olentangy Trail near downtown Columbus Thursday morning October 4, 2018. (Courtesy: CPD)

    A truck driver was cited on two counts after inadvertently driving onto a bike path and getting his truck stuck under a bridge.

    This happened along the Olentangy River trail near Spring Street and 315 Wednesday morning. Police say the driver got confused when he got off of SR-315, but wanted to get back on the highway. Police say he thought the trail was the on-ramp.

    "He came across the intersection right onto the bike path. He traveled down the path. The top of his trailer struck one of the bridges from 670, " said Sergeant Isaac Bridges.

    But it was the second bridge the driver tried to go under that caused the truck to stop.

    "It's an honest mistake, " said Bridges. " The driver thought this was a continuous ramp, didn't pay attention to the signs and we are where we are."

    The driver was coming from Florida. He was hauling metal framework to the convention center. Police say he was cited for reckless operation and traffic control device.

    Luckily, nobody was hurt - just runners and cyclist amazed as what happened.

    "The fact that a truck coming through here, it's kinda unbelievable, " said cyclist Vince Nobel. "It's one in a million."

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