Prayer vigil held to remember victims of Lawrence County quadruple murder

Mt. Calvary Free Will Baptist Church members wanted to hold a prayer vigil as a way of bringing the community together after the murder of four people. (WSYX/WTTE)

Nearly 50 parishioners and neighbors in Lawrence County said prayers, and sang songs of inspiration Saturday evening to honor four murder victims.

Members of the Mt. Calvary Free Will Baptist Church said though 50-year old Donald McGuire, 43-year old Tammie McGuire, 28-year old Staci Jackson, and 8-year old Devin Holston weren't members of their weekly congregation, a loss this big has brought the close knit community together.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's office said all four victims, appeared to have died from gunshot wounds.

A family cousin, 23-year old Aaron Lawson, was arrested and charged in connection with the Wednesday homicides according to investigators.

A county prosecutor said he plans to seek the death penalty in the case.

Todd Holston, Devine's father, and Tammie's husband, was stabbed during the ordeal, but survived.

Spokespersons said the church vigil was a way for adults to grieve, and also a way to explain to youngsters why one of their classmates won't be coming back.

"We're here to focus on our kids, our kids have been horrified through the whole thing, and we want them to realize we're with them" said vigil organizer Jeanette McFann.

A memorial of flowers, candles and balloons continued to grow in front of the Pedro mobile home where the crimes happened.

Crime scene surrounds part of the property that sits less than a mile from the church.

"I live next to them, across the road from the family, I saw them everyday, it's just unbelievable" said Tim Blagg.

Blagg added Friday night, nearly four thousand dollars was raised at Lawrence County high school football games to help with quadruple funeral expenses.

He said Todd Holston was also present at one of the games where he expressed gratitude to the community.

"Hold strong, that's all they can do is hold strong, and get through it" Blagg added.

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