Program designed to help Central Ohioans get affordable prescriptions

    PrimaryOne Health is helping Central Ohioans get affordable prescription at a discounted price. (WSYX/WTTE)<p>{/p}

    Americans are paying more than ever for prescriptions drugs.

    As a diabetic, Emmerson Smoot is aware of the escalating prices on prescription drugs.

    “The insulin I get alone is $1,200 a month,” said Smoot.

    He takes other lifesaving medications too and monthly he should be paying more than $3,000.

    “I don’t have insurance. I’m a handy man, money is not consistent, “he said.

    So, he’s had to choose between paying bills or taking care of his health. For months, his much needed medications have gone by the wayside.

    “It was difficult, “he said. “I wasn’t getting my medications and I was actually making myself sicker and sicker.”

    But all of that is different now. With the help of the “340-B Drug Pricing Program” Smoot is getting the medication he needs at a fraction of the cost.

    “It should be $3,000, but now I only pay $77 a month, “Smoot said.

    The “340-B Prescription Drug Program, “is a national program. It’s already saved patients millions of dollars.

    In Columbus, it’s run by “PrimaryOne Health, Central Ohio’s largest Federally Qualified Health Center.

    Anyone can take part in the program whether you have insurance or not.

    “Any patient that comes to our practice and becomes one of our patients is actually eligible for these prescription savings, “said Dr. Jangus Whitner. He’s the 340B program manager at PrimaryOne Health.

    He says the program is not funded by tax payers.

    “This is an agreement between us and the manufacturers and it has nothing to do with tax payers. It’s not government funded. This is really for patients to get a discount from the manufacturer and we can pass that discount on to our patients, “Dr. Whitner said.

    PrimaryOne has ten medical clinics in the Columbus area where you can go. Then there are more than 60 central Ohio pharmacies taking part in the program.

    For Mr. Smoot - the program has helped him to lead a much healthier life. “I’m now living better and feeling better, “he said.

    For more information on the program can visit their website or call them at (614)645-5500 to schedule an appointment.


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