Tokes family in tears as Golsby shows no reaction to guilty verdict

Reagan Tokes' family cried as a judge read the guilty verdict for Brian Golsby on all counts and specifications in her murder. (WSYX/WTTE)

Reagan Tokes' family was in tears as a judge read the verdict for Brian Golsby. He was found guilty on all counts and specifications in her murder.

Tokes' parents and sister were in court as the verdict was read Tuesday afternoon.

While the Tokes family showed emotion as lawyers reviewed the verdict forms, there was not much reaction from Golsby. His defense team declined to comment on the case after court adjourned.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said their case was full of detail.

"There were few weeks we weren't working on the case in the last year," said O'Brien.

Prosecutors said they had strong evidence that Golsby kidnapped Tokes as she left her job at Bodega in the Short North last February. They said he led her to several ATMs and stole $60 from Tokes before he raped her.

They said those events led up to Golsby taking her to a metro park in Grove City before shooting her in the head.

O'Brien said so much of the tragedy stands out.

"I think this victim in this case, Reagan Tokes, is everybody's sister, everybody's female relative," he said.

As Tokes' family left court, there were more tears and hugs.

"Today is Reagan Tokes' 23rd birthday and I think they had that in the back of their minds," said O'Brien. "I think they, as you can see from their reaction in the courtroom, were pleased with the verdict the jury returned."

He said Tokes' family will likely speak once the sentencing phase is complete.

Golsby is eligible for the death penalty.

ABC 6/FOX 28 will continue to follow the trial as it heads into sentencing.

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