Prostitution bust on west side nets hookers and johns

Prostitution bust on west side nets hookers and johns

Columbus Police arrested 24 people overnight Wednesday after a prostitution sting in Franklinton. Among those arrested were those selling and buying sex along Sullivant Ave.

Megan, a neighbor who didn't want to give her last name, said she saw police suiting up, preparing for the sting. She said she sees prostitutes in her neighborhood day and night.

"Girls, walking up and down the streets, high, flagging cars down," she said.

Police arrested 14 people selling sex, including 13 women and a man who identifies as a woman. He was arrested, released and arrested again an hour later, police said.

Also, arrested were 10 men for buying sex.

Alongside the police were staffers with the Salvation Army and other agencies offering resources for those being sex trafficked.

Michelle Hamman with the Salvation Army said she was encouraged police arrested johns as well as prostitutes. "Sex trafficking is entirely fueled by the buying of sex," she said "If there were no purchasing of sex tomorrow, there would be no sex trafficking tomorrow."

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