Protecting pets from holiday fireworks

The Franklin County Dog Shelter says it gets more runaway dogs on fireworks nights. (WSYX/WTTE)

A warning as we head into the fourth of July weekend.

Every year - pets are traumatized by fireworks.

But there are things you can do right now, to keep your fury friend trauma-free.

Dr. Todd Beckett, the President of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, says for some dogs, thunder jackets can help keep your dogs calm.

For others, they may need to be medicated.

Benadryl, with the proper dosage from your veterinarian, works. But Doctor Beckett says there's a new prescription drug on the market called Sileo.

"It will sedate your dog, but that's better than some of the bad things that can happen," Beckett said.

Some anxious pets can be kept calm by putting them in the basement or bathroom, trying to bury the loud noise.

Beckett says introduce them to that area now, before they get freaked out.

"I have a lot of people play music or turn the TV up loud to get them desensitized to the noise. It dampens the fireworks," he said.

The Franklin County Dog Shelter says it gets more run away dogs on July 4.

Susan Smith with The Franklin County Department of Animal Care and Control says don't leave your dog out in your yard during the fireworks and make sure you dog can be identified if it gets lost.

"If your dog has a license tag, microchip those are great things to help us get him back to you," she said.

If you find a lost dog, call the shelter. Franklin County Dog Wardens will be working even on Tuesday.

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