Quick tips to beating the chill and saving money on your energy bill

People didn't waste any time stocking up on items to keep the chill out when the mercury started to plunge. (WSYX/WTTE)

Judy Cattran didn't waste any time stocking up on window insulation kits to keep the chill out when the mercury started to plunge.

"I'm insulating my windows. I get a lot of cold air around my windows," the Lancaster resident said as she shopped at Menards Wednesday night.

Store managers said they've stocked several products to better insulate homes and save money.

"Do the window insulating kits and different sizes all you need is the kit and a hair dryer" said Menards General Manager Nick Anderson.

Anderson added that new door seals that attach under your doors, especially those in garages are a great investment to keep out the winter winds. Other options include foam rubber light and switch outlet kits.

"You can pop those off with a screw. There's foam that goes behind it, another space where heat is getting lost," he added.

The South Central Power Company conducts audits of homes for energy efficiency. Spokesperson Cathy Bitler said your heat and money could go up the chimney.

"If you have a fireplace that you're not using it, make sure the flue stays closed because the air will get sucked up and go outside where you don't want it instead of keeping it inside where you do need it," Bitler said.

She added it's a good idea to lower your thermostat when you're away from home.

"Every one degree that you lower your thermostat, could save you two percent on your heating bill," she added.

Checking your attic and between the walls in your home is part of the plan.

"Make sure there's adequate insulation in the roof and in the walls and keeping the air leaks from happening," Bitler said.

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